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  • Avanti project on craigsliat

    If any one is interested in a major project. I went to look at it but it is way more than I want to take on for the price. He came down to 3500 while I was there but that was it.

    Car had 37000 miles on it. Previous owner drove it into garage and dismantled it to do a frame off restoration. Then passed away. Car is still in pieces and now the body is twisted and the windsheild frame is loose. At this point it may just be car.

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    How is the windshield frame loose? The twist is normal for fiberglass unsupported, but I don't understand the delamination of the steel w/s frame from the body. $3500 certainly worth it in parts--did you try 3051.50??
    Too far from me, no space for it--would grab it in a second for the round headlights if nothing else.


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      This car was sold at an auction in nearby High Point in July or so of 2016. I didn't attend, but know several that did, and reported that the Avanti went for $950. Supposedly the parts were all over the place, so if someone is seriously interested in the car they need to look closely at what parts are there, and what parts may not be there.

      The present owner came by my house and left me a note about the car being for sale, and I called and talked to him. He seemed to be unaware of the auction, and said he purchased the car from someone else. Driving by his house confirmed that this was the High Point car, so I didn't even stop to look at it.
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        Looks like somebody's trying to make around $2500...but it seems like a deal for parts. The only problem is that unless you do all the work yourself, don't need a lot of replacement parts, paint, interior, etc. it'll take a war pension to make it a $12-15K car.
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          I think it would be an OK deal at around $2500....If someone had the time & the place. (and the ambition!)


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            Posted bt karterfred88
            Too far from me, no space for it--would grab it in a second for the round headlights if nothing else.
            I'm with you on this one. For $3500 it would be a great start on a home built round light project. Too old, not enough room either. Great home for an LS/T56 drivetrain but that's just me.