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  • Studebaker powered Chevy

    Was just reading the Hot Rod magazine online newsletter. Was viewing pictures of 100 award winners at the Grand National Roadster show. Pictured is a heavily modified custom 57 Chevy with a vary nice looking older Studebaker V8 in it. It looks like a period correct 57 style 259/289.

    I wonder if any people looking at it realizes what engine it is.
    james r pepper

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    The Lavender Convertible is a not a '57 Chevy. it was and is a '58 Packard Starlight Hardtop, hence the '58 Packard (Stude.) 289 and '55 to '57 Clipper & '58 Packard Tail Lights, '58 Packard Hood and Body!

    125 50 Cal. Chromed Bullets make up the Custom Grille!

    Just VERY tastefully done, too bad about destroying a great condition, VERY Low 32,000 Miles, rare Packard Starlight Hardtop though.
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