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Avanti article in the new Hagerty Magazine

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  • Avanti article in the new Hagerty Magazine

    On page 62 of the new Hagerty Magazine is a nice article on history of the Avanti and Avanti ll.
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    I received my Hagerty Magazine several days ago and am very pleased with Jonathan Stein's article. They chose some nice photos too.
    I was contacted by Jonathan in late summer to drive my car to an October 11th photo shoot in an old industrial area of Detroit (30 miles from my home in Canton).
    Staff Photographer Marc Urbano took over 200 photos that day. He was very professional and was great to work with. It was a long day (7:30 AM - 4 PM) but a fun day.
    Would I do it again? Not so sure. I really put my car thru many low speed runs around and between the buildings and over rough road surfaces.
    I beat up the battery & starter all day long with all of the starting & stopping. But, the car came thru OK. Yeah, I guess that I'd do it again!
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