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  • Package Lark?

    After looking over the listing for the Speedster, this caught my eye, disc brakes, four barrel carb., could be a dream...or nightmare.

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    Baker or Faker? I go with Faker. I had a 1963 R1 Cruiser that was a non package car. It had a 6,000 RPM tachometer in the center gauge cluster. The engine may have been changed but that instruments probably not. Nice dash though and with the current bid of $650.00 you could probably make that back in parts. Where is Carmel Indiana? Transport anywhere but Indiana would be expensive as gas prices seem to be going up.

    Bob Miles
    Tucson AZ


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      Nothing there to suggest this is a "Package" Lark, or even an R-powered one, for that matter.

      I live close enough to check it out if anyone is interested, but I've not seen the car before unless it is the Golden Sand one that has been kicking around here for awhile and it has since been repainted Resale Red since I last saw it. (Note the firewall behind the engine; looks like the car was originally Golden Sand.) BP
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        Looks like a broadcloth interior.


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          Originally posted by Devan View Post
          Looks like a broadcloth interior.
          Its the standard cloth with the silver Mylar threads.



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            It might get re-listed. The auction ended with no bidders.
            Mark L


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              I like that term 'BIG' V8 engine!...Not often used when referring to Studes!