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  • Not new to Studebaker but new to Studebaker cars

    "What do I have" is going to be my first question. I currently have a custom 49 2r5 that is in the shop and I just bought 2 Landcruisers. I bought what I was told was a 48 and a 49. Only one of them has been delivered. They are both fairly rough. The one that has been delivered has no tag on the firewall or the door. How do I know what it is?

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    Since it says Land Cruiser on the deck lid, and the rear door has a vent window, you have a Land Cruiser!
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      If the car has not been altered it is either a 1948 or 1949.
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        You should find the Serial Number Plate on the Driver's Door Latch Post, the "B" Pillar, down low.
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          The rear bumper is from a 49, so the whole car may be a 49.
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            Thanks for the help guys. I was looking in the wrong place for the Serial Number plate in the dark. It is 4377674! I am hoping for 49 to match my 49 pickup. I got the rat-eaten interior out and the floors are surprisingly solid.


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              The serial number says the car is a 1949 Commander built in South Bend. The vent windows in the rear doors and the longer wheelbase are proof of bring a Land Cruiser.
              The missing firewall tag gives more information. On a 1949 Land Cruiser, the top line would read 16A-Y5 .

              1949 Commander & Land Cruiser serial numbers from South Bend started at 4361001 and ended below 4398601. 1948 Commander and Land Cruisers from South Bend started at 4287001.
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                Thank you so much! I appreciate the help.