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Mystery solved re Studebaker luggage

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    So, can I assume the STUDEBAKER name never was placed on the luggage?


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      Originally posted by TWChamp View Post
      So, can I assume the STUDEBAKER name never was placed on the luggage?
      I believe that would be a fairly safe assumption.
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        Originally posted by Studebaker Wheel View Post
        Quite some time ago someone posed the question here as to who made the Studebaker luggage offered as accessories in the 40's and 50's and I do not think the question was ever answered. Believe the documents below will answer the question. The first two attachment is the 6 1/4 X 9 1/2" 1950 trifold accessory advertising folder. The last is an invoice from my local dealer (Hodak Motors - Kankakee, Illinois) re the order. Note the date, Dec. 1948, (1949 model year) and notation near the bottom re the Indestro Luggage Co. of Chicago.

        Kankakee, That brings back memories. The first stop on "The City of New Orleans", Illinois Central R R


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          I have seen an occasional piece of Indestructo luggage come up on ebay, but the price is always quite high, and the shipping is also very expensive. Shipping is also very risky, as I've received a lot of things broken by the post office, and good luck every getting a damage claim paid.


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            It was not cheap. That $68.40 in December 1948 amounts to $726.83 in today's dollars.
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