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    Hi. I just got my Commander home yesterday. I haven't had time to look at it very much yet.The temperature dropped 50 degrees over night (only in Texas) It's a 64 Commander,originally a 6 but someone swapped in a 63's a 3 on the tree still has the 6 brakes and suspension. I have a line on stude discs and will probably put a Ranger 8.8 with disc's out back.first thing is getting it running. It came with another gas tank so it probably has fuel delivery issues. The car came from Muskogee OK. The guy I bought it from didn't know much about it except the p.o.had it running but didn't know if it was drivable. Maybe someone here knows the car. It's a strato blue 64 2 Dr post,and has 2015 Oklahoma plates.Body is good needs floors and new front and rear springs and bushings and God knows what else.I promised my wife I would quit smoking so the money I spent on cigarettes I get to spend on my Studie.I hope to have it drivable within a year. I can't wait to get started. Dave
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    It sounds like a good project. Keep us informed and please post pictures.
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      That sounds like a healthy trade: instead of watching your money go up in smoke, you can watch it bring back a Studebaker.
      Mark L


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        Originally posted by Mark L View Post
        That sounds like a healthy trade: instead of watching your money go up in smoke, you can watch it bring back a Studebaker.
        But what if the Studebaker smokes?


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          I was going to quit anyway,but this way I get to spend money on my 64 and I won't get in trouble


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            Good luck on your quit and your new Stude project. I quit smoking just over a year ago. Best decision I ever made.
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              I got a closer look at the car,and the paperwork that came with it. It was bought in Little Rock AR on Dec 30 1963 and cost the princely sum of $2459. The monthly payments were $46.00. The Vin is 64S4215 so it's one of the last ones produced. Now for a goofy question, where is the hood release? I will be buying the factory literature soon,but until then I may have a few monotonous questions. I will try to keep them to a minimum. I just realized, the first time I heard the Beatles it was on a Studebaker am radio in my Dad's 63 lark.I have loved them both ever since....


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                The Hood release is "SUPPOSED TO BE" under the Dash on the Left of the Wheel, just to the right of the Parking Brake Release Handle, sometimes on a Bracket with the Left Air Vent Control Handle.

                It is the Red "T" Handle here:

                Click image for larger version

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                  Thanks StudeRich,all of my pull cables are missing knobs,I will try them tomorrow.