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What is that saying about cheap "expensive" Avantis???

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  • What is that saying about cheap "expensive" Avantis???

    Not mine - but for less than $5000?

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    Why would somebody install a mid 90's GM diesel into an Avanti?? Perhaps they enjoyed the feel of a rattling engine under the hood? Or maybe they liked seeing a black cloud of exhaust in the rear-view mirror when they accelerated hard? Anyway, drop a standard 289 with 4-speed into it for little money for a nice looking ride.
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      This would be a perfect project for me! Would love to restore it back to the turquoise and install a supercharger again....

      In the end how much would it hurt the value to have a non numbers matching car but restored back to how it came from the factory?


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        That's one helluva a start for $4800. How hard is it to pull the engine and add one of your choice. Just check the hog trough shot. This shouldn't last long if some one here is looking for a good start. Bob


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            The seller says in his ad that the car was "professionally" painted about 15 yrs ago. The paint on this car was actually applied by my shop over twenty five years ago. At that time it had a International Harvester Turbo Diesel engine in it. You talk about shake rattle and roll, that was putting it mildly!
            The guy who owned it also owned the Avanti with the R3 parts that TX Rebel recently purchased, and posted about here.


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              Too bad it is in New Jersey and I am in western Oregon.
              Last spring I bought a '63 Daytona hardtop - factory 289", 4 speed, power disc brakes, bucket seats - because it was rough and probably a candidate for parts, but I bought it to save it. Engine stuck, floorboard rust (by western standards) bad dash pad, headliner damaged, etc. Maybe it should be a parts any rate, it would help this Avanti out.