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  • Studebaker Comments At Deer Station

    My 14 year old son killed a 7-point buck, on youth hunter day at Fort Knox, late last Saturday eve. It was a long day, and we did not get home till 9PM. So we left the deer in the trunk on ice, till we could drop it off at a meet processor (a.k.a. butcher) early next morning.

    The processing station is way out in the country, 29 miles from our driveway. Apparently, most hunters drop off their deer in a truck. As he was helping us unload ours, the country butcher said, "I can't say this is the first time I took a deer out of a car trunk, but can say its the first time I took one out of the trunk of a Studebaker".
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    Well I was always told the taste of a Deer was based on things like what It was Eating. also how It was Running,this One was Running in a Studebaker Hawk - so should taste real good "actually Hawkish"
    Joseph R. Zeiger


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      My uncle bought a '62 Hawk in 1965. It was originally owned by a doctor from Bryan-College Station, Texas. He wanted a sports car and also something to go deer hunting in - so the car was equipped with a 4 speed/twin traction and a trunk floor with a sizable amount of dried blood and deer hair...