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R3 report in June 1963 Car Life

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    I think Jack is right. I bought B-110 short block in fall of 69 from Paxton. Joe Granatelli told me he no longer had any R3 heads. He also told me he could rework my R2 heads and they would outperform the R3 versions. I wish I would have taken him up on the offer. I was 18 at the time and barely could afford the R3 short block.
    james r pepper


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      Originally posted by sgriggs View Post
      Didn't one of the early 299 cu in R3 prototypes (maybe the engine in the R-1025?) get to that displacement through a combination of overbore and a small increase in stroke? I thought I remembered reading that the Granatellis believed the stroke increase would make the engine more competitive with the 426 wedge Mopars in 1/2 mile drag racing. It seems like a lot of trouble when you could easily get that displacement with a bore job.
      The increase to 299 cubic inches in R-1025 was wholly achieved with stroke. 1/8" more stroke over the factory 3 5/8" stroke gave 3 3/4" stroke.

      You are correct that a bore job can give 299 cubes, and in every other case 299 engines were a bore increase of sixty-thousandths of an inch. More stroke gave the engine just that bit of extra low and mid-range grunt needed for drag racing.