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  • engine block/spare tire

    I removed three frost plugs and this is what I found. Also I had a small spare tire from a 90s GM and it fit the stude, ok for around the shop/yard.Click image for larger version

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    A completely normal 50 year buildup of Mud, Rust, Casting Sand, and Casting Wire etc.
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      Yeah, I had a V8 that looked like that once. Asked the "experts" here how to get the old ones out and new ones in. The advice was good and the plugs are still there. Yeah on the internal crap too! Cleaned a ton of it out of that block!

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        This is where the lye solution in hot tanks really works nice. It will also take out the cam bearings if they aren't removed first.
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          Good time to flush the block


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            The reason you lucked out with the wheel is that those FWD GM's are on a bolt pattern of 5 on 115 mm which is within .7 mm of 5 on 4.50" (5 on 114.3 mm) which our Studes take. Don't drive anywhere with it but for moving around the yard it will suffice.