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'61 Lark Convert in For Sale Section of Meet

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  • '61 Lark Convert in For Sale Section of Meet

    On Saturday,, during the big car show at the national meet, there was a 1961 Lark Convertible for sale in the car corral - it was sitting on a trailer. Did anyone take any pictures or get the contact information on this car? At the time, I walked right by it, thinking the last thing I wanted was another big project. My wife says if I bring home anymore Stude projects, it has to be a convertible!!
    Eric DeRosa

    \'63 R2 Lark
    \'60 Lark Convertible

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    Sorry, Eric, I didn't get a photo of the one you're asking about. The only photo I took of a '61 convertible at the meet was of this one, which you can show her what it will look like when its done:



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      The blue convert belongs to Ed Berg of Wisconsin (with the tail-end of his Packard Hawk shown in front of it), it is as pretty in person as it is in the photo. As for the car that Eric is speaking of, I assume he is referring to the rusty Coral colored project car of which I do not have a photo. Bob Shaw may have video of it on YouTube.

      I checked YouTube, but the car coral video must have been made on Friday as it doesn't show a 1961 convert.
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