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  • Building 84 Tour

    Had the opportunity to help out at building 84 tour. I know it was quite windy and cold on the sixth floor, but what a cool experience to have my 55 up there and meet people from all over and talk about Studebakers. Hope everyone enjoyed it as well. Studie-on.

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    I enjoyed the tour very much, thanks to all who shared their time and knowledge . Probably the last chance for me to see the "ghost" of the factory.
    It was cool to drive my car to the building it was made in, and walk the floor it rolled down 63 years ago.
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      A BIG thanks to Michiana Chapter member Bill Binder for taking this project on and rolling with it. There were a lot of moving parts with this Tour, and because it was a constantly changing project in a building rolling "Into the Future", he and his volunteers took the challenge and did a great job. Also, a big thanks to Kevin Smith for letting our Club see the building this past week. Without his being engaged in this tour, it never would have happened.


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        Any Pictures? Thanks
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          I very much enjoyed the tour despite the wet and cold. You could stand in there, and look from one end to the other, and imagine what the hustle and bustle of a normal work day building cars might have been like. Have some pictures, but will have to attempt my first time adding them to a post.


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            Yes, it was an awesome experience getting to drive my GT Hawk into the elevator (lowerator?) and being lifted up to the sixth floor! I never imagined getting such an opportunity, I guess I was in the right place at the right time for this to happen. Thanks to everyone who worked to make this all happen. I will share some photos when I get them uploaded.
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	20170503_172911_resized.jpg
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              Building 84 and 113


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                'Nice pix in Post #7, jake49; thanks. BP
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                  Bill Binder and his team did a fantastic job in Building 84!
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1827.jpg
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ID:	1713582 Those lights in 113 made some funky patterns on this '53s hood.
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