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Information on the Proving Grounds Tour-Please Read

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  • Information on the Proving Grounds Tour-Please Read

    I have attached a diagram of the Proving Ground tour Staging Area. We will take 14 cars at a time. This is the number that is safe according to Navistar standards. You can do the math, that will take some time. Be patient. Enjoy some time looking at cars, and walking around.

    Our starting time for post-war cars is 8 am South Bend time. It is very important that any and all Pre-War cars come at 7 am South Bend time. These cars take longer and we are starting with them first so we can keep the cars coming in and out at a faster rate.

    The address for the Proving Grounds is:

    32104 IN-2, New Carlisle, IN 46552

    There will be plenty of photo ops during your time at the Proving Grounds. Because of the volume of cars moving through, we will not be stopping to take pictures in the infield.

    Remember, this is going to be worse than a Mall parking lot on Christmas eve. Please be careful, watch in all directions when driving or parking. No one wants their Studebaker hit.

    If you are at the Proving Grounds, as you will be a little late for the Car Show at the Fairgrounds, you will park up front when you get to the Fairgrounds. Congratulations, you are a VISP. (Very Important Studebaker Person) Enjoy the rock star moment, (LOL) and join us for a HUGE show Saturday morning.

    Please make sure to thank the Navistar people for hosting this event. They are at the track on a Saturday to help us have a bucket list experience for many.

    If you know of members that are not Internet active, please pass it along. I will also be talking about this several times during the week, and at Membership Night.

    Last, but not least, enjoy your time at the Grounds. It's going to be a great time!

    Please watch this thread for updates, especially sign up information.
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    Thanks for the update...I am really looking forward to this drive.


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      There are also many non-guided tours, in particular the St Paul's Church tours on Friday. It's a fascinating place. Take some time and go there. The Studebaker family was instrumental in the construction of this Church, and it continues on today.