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Important Details on the Building 84 Tour

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  • Important Details on the Building 84 Tour

    It is REAL important that everyone signs up for a time to go into Building 84 at the Registration Desk. As of this writing, there are over 400 signed up. I will have more announcements about this as the parking lot is finished as to where to park at the Membership Meeting and other announcements at the Fairgrounds. Notice what I said about parking, and please remember that this building is in a state of transition, and things like parking will be in a state of flux as this is basically a construction area. Look for signs for parking, listen for announcements at the Membership Meeting on Thursday, and if you know of visitors that are not at the Meeting but going on the tour pass along last minute information. We do not want, and you don't either, to have 100 + people standing in a work area.

    At registration at the Host Hotel there will be a sign up sheet. The sheet will be for 25 people at a time, as that is the amount of people that can go up in the elevator. On the 6th floor, you may spend some time taking it all in, looking at the various exhibits, and taking pictures. Then catch the elevator going down. The elevators go up and down every 10 minutes, and always have a limit of 25 people. Entrance and exit from this building will be entirely by elevator. Using of the stairs, unless there is an emergency is prohibited.

    Please remember, as was said in another post, this tour is NOT handicap accessible. We are sorry for that, but there are just too many things in an old building that make it impossible. You will be required to sign a release.

    Also, we can use a few volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, your time upstairs will be from about 9-2, or what ever time you can give. If you have some time and would like to help, please email Bill Binder at Bill is a member of the Michiana Chapter, and has been instrumental in working with the owner of Building 84 to make this all come together.

    Please remember the theme of this years Convention is, "Into the Future". Building 84, its historic past to all interested in Studebaker, and the future of this huge building, is happening now. Thanks to Kevin Smith, the owner of this building, we are able to see it in transition for the future.