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Cancellation Policy for all Studebaker Conventions

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  • Cancellation Policy for all Studebaker Conventions

    I want to take a moment and put the Cancellation Policy for our International Meets. These policies have been in place for awhile. These come from Cornerstone Registration:

    ________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
    Below is the cancellation policy as it has been for years (dates adjusted to this year’s Meet):

    The registration deadline is Friday, April 7, 2017 at 12:00 midnight (Central Time). If you cancel your registration, or any portion of your registration after this date, NO REFUNDS will be given.

    If you cancel your registration on or before Friday, April 7, 2017 @ 12:00 midnight (Central Time), your registration fees will be refunded with the exception of a $15.00 (USD) cancellation fee.

    The SDC reserves the right to cancel any tour which does not meet a required minimum number of people. If a tour is cancelled, you will receive notice of the cancellation and the option of changing to a different tour, or a refund of the tour fee.

    Refunds will be issued by the SDC Treasurer approximately one month after the conclusion of the Meet.

    ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

    One last thing, please do not treat the staff at Cornerstone Registration on the phone any different than you would like to be treated. These people work to make sure that our Meet is organized.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Another common question that is asked:

    "Does the SDC (or Cornerstone) buy back tickets and resell them if I can't use them?"

    The answer is no. We do not buy back tickets if you can't use them. The analogy I tell people is that the tickets are like Major League Baseball tickets. If you buy it, you own it. You are free to do with it what you want. You can use it, give it away, or sell it. If you can't go to a baseball game, the league doesn't buy your ticket back.

    There is usually a poster board at the Meet where people post their tickets for sale (or tickets wanted) and contact information.
    - Mark Wheeler
    SDC Membership Secretary and SDC Webmaster