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    Originally posted by jclary View Post
    Perhaps it is already being done, but, it would be great to offer a special "welcome" to first time visitors at a national meet. Also, great to welcome and identify new SDC members at a meet too. Heck, even NASCAR identifies rookie drivers with a yellow bumper on their cars. We could do something similar with color coded name tags. Perhaps, a few designated volunteer "Meet Hosts" willing to share a bit of club history, protocol, and down home friendship, would go a long way in assuring folks we are a group worth belonging to.
    That is all well and good, I would happily display something to show I am a new member as I did learn a lot of people were all to happy to help once i was parked and inside. ...I did have prior engagements in a couple of southern states so i did not return to the northeast until Tuesday of the show and prepped my truck weds and drove it weds night from NJ to RI on a nice leisurely drive up I-95. Check into show on Thursday morning. I ended up in the area to wash my truck first before I could find someone to advise me where I could go to register. ( I did take advantage of rinsing off and wiping it down before i drove around to other side of building to check in).
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      There was a sign in the main lobby directing everyone to the registration, or you could have simply asked at the front desk.
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        Originally posted by MikeK View Post
        I thought the show very nice as I am a new owner of a Studebaker and completely new to SDC. I was just a little surprised when I drove in that there was no one to direct us where to go prior to registration. I also know I don't know all that goes on but I am amazed that this is a closed show. I can only see added benefits to the SDC by allowing the public at least one day for a/an entrance fee to take in the beauty of these vehicles on display and to visit and support the venders. More traffic almost always means more intake of dollars.
        If I may add my 2 cents worth to this post, this is precisely the reason the International Meets, beginning with South Bend 2017 will present a new image to the public. With a "pure" Car Show on Saturday, and ALL judging of Studebakers taking place on Thursday and Friday of the meet (at the St Joseph County Fairgrounds), the show on Saturday will be just that...a show, of the public. I believe Bob Palma quote the term "alligator show" to indicate "hoods-up", "trunk lids open", and doors standing open. All the things that detract from the beauty of our cars. That will be no more. Hopefully, if our registrants cooperate, people can enjoy the true beauty of our Studebakers.

        Our meets are NEVER a closed show, and if people have that perception, I believe it will be addresses beginning at South Bend May 3-6, 2017. The Saturday Car Show, as well as all other events on the
        St Joseph County Fairgrounds will be open to non-members for a $5 gate fee. Club Members registered for the meet will pay $0.00. We encourage vendors of all types to participate.

        Watch Turning Wheels and the SDC Meet site at for more information on the upcoming meet.

        Denny Foust
        for the SDC International Meet Committee


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          A friend and I attended the meet on Thursday and enjoyed it very much. My Niantic, CT home is for sale and my plans are to relocate to South Bend. Carol and I lived just over the border in Michigan for 23 years leaving in 1988. God willing my goal is for me and my Avanti to be at the 2017 meet in South Bend next year. Kind of related.
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