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    I don't believe that the SDC has a Facebook page. I think they used to have a page, but no one updated it, and it eventually got taken down.

    Before, during and after the St. Louis SDC meet, pictures and information were posted on several Facebook pages, including:
    The Mo/Ill. Gateway Chapter Facebook page:
    The AOAI Facebook page:
    The Studebaker American Automobiles Facebook page:
    The Studebaker Addicts (International):
    The 1964-1966 Studebaker Page:
    Lew Schucart
    Editor, Avanti Magazine


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      As a side note:
      Facebook just passed a BILLION users....
      That fact alone will drive some away....

      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


      Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

      Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)


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        Any organization which is a non profit can create a Facebook page. At the present, I am beginning to list those chapters which have a Facebook presence in What's Happening. To get a Facebook page, one has to have an account already. Then, just follow the instructions to create your Studebaker club page. I have included a link here from you tube for you to follow.
        This account does not link to your account. I feel that it is key to communicate with our members in the ways in which they communicate and websites, Facebook, are just another way to communicate with your members. Just my opinion.

        Susan Lusted, What's Happening Turning Wheels


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          Who will be the first to Periscope a meet live?

          For Those that can't attend, alternate sources do keep a persons intrest peaked, thus left with a desire to attend in the future.

          Personal example. I never cared for HotRod print Magazine, but really enjoy their use of social media "promotion" tools.

          in the last few years they've embraced the tools of Twitter, Glypmse, Instagram, YouTube and Periscope. Which they plan to use and similcast the Hot Rod Drags. All this impressed me and gave me an opportunity to go behind the scenes and see the events from their point of view as well as other participants.

          Good or to see other SDC members promoted/shared their experiences while attending the meet, may I suggest a little invitation/link to your preferred media before you venture out. Finding individuals can be harder than finding good car related events.
          61 Lark