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St. Louis and Ferguson

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  • St. Louis and Ferguson

    I did a small search and nothing on the forum came up so, excuse me if this has been addressed already. I am in Louisville working on a construction project and was thinking about probably leaving on Tuesday for short day jaunt for some extra parts. I got to be honest here, with only 12 miles between St. Louis and all the rig-a-ma roll going on in Ferguson, I am having second thoughts. I don't know about everyone else, I guess there is safety in numbers so to speak but, with armed "oath keepers" arriving and tensions at an already almost explosive state, I'm staying my A*^ here, if anybody's got a nice 59-60 lark front bumper and brackets, I'll be glad to send the shipping money---Thanks!

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    you are over reacting. if you have worries take I64 thru town and go north on I270 to the meet. We have no problems during the day. and the problems we have are limited to Ferguson.


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      Lew Schucart
      Editor, Avanti Magazine


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        Every metropolitan area has its good and its bad,....but the things we have to consider and think about these days,...really too bad!


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          I lived in the St. Louis area in the 1990's. The host area is really nice. As mentioned, it you have concerns about I-70, take I-64. Do let this carp scare you from enjoying a great week. I wish I could be there.
          Tom - Bradenton, FL

          1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2514.10)
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            The media heightens our awareness of isolated turmoil but, for the most part, we do experience the joy of sharing with friends. I doubt attendees will even be aware of the issues.
            "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

            Brad Johnson, SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
            Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
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            '56 Sky Hawk


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              You can't live your life in fear! We are a free nation, those who wish to end that depend on bringing fear into our lives. The St Louis people have worked YEARS to provide us with a safe and pleasurable event. GO ENJOY IT!

              I would bet there is a better chance you are in vehicle accident on the trip than in a dangerous riot.......... I and my wife are going to have fun with our fellow Studebaker owners in ST Louis!
              It is an addiction!


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                NOTHING to worry about. I've been in Ferguson before & after the "riots" last year. It is a very small concentrated area & the police are not allowing anything to go on outside that small area. The majority of things going on are young people assembled in a 1 or 2 block area watching & waiting for something to happen. There is NO WAY these groups are organized enough to accomplish much.
                Please come to the show with zero reservations about "Ferguson".


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                  Don Hart and I have been to and in Ferguson recently, since the company that made our meet shirts and caps is located there. Like RareBMX says, you can drive through most any other part of Ferguson and not realize that anything is out of place. They have a great Farmer's Market every weekend, microbrewery, and great family restaurants. He is correct... the police there are doing a great job keeping the outside-the-area troublemakers confined to about a 2 block stretch at the north of of the town.
                  Lew Schucart
                  Editor, Avanti Magazine


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                    I guess that settles it then, looks like a day trip is in the works, "I'm not scared of anything (save for scary movies LOL) I appreciate the input and really was looking forward to visiting another International meet, my last international meet was in Orlando in the mid 80's, I drove a semi- finished M5 pickup and saw my first Coupe Express which I am still hoping to own one day--- see ya'll there


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                      Good Grief!...My thoughts are with the hard working SDC volunteers and dedicated folks of the host chapter! Just think...years of planning, hours of sometimes frustrating, unheralded, behind the scenes work. I want to thank them and I pray for a great gathering. It has to be disconcerting to be overshadowed by an event picked up by the media and smeared over the entire region.

                      Think of this folks...We are Studebaker people! It is our very nature to be defiant... against the current...Studebaker personalities..."WE'D RATHER FIX THAN SWITCH!...kind of people.

                      If circumstances would allow, I'd be there. I'd be there early and leave late! For those who can...please do! It is how we overcome mayhem, and those who take pleasure in disruption.

                      For the workers, and those who attend...have a great wishes for a great event.
                      John Clary
                      Greer, SC

                      SDC member since 1975


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                        Speaking on behalf of the (hosting) Mo Ill Chapter, THANK YOU for the kind words!
                        Sorry that you won't be joining us for what looks to be a truly great time!
                        Gary Krautmann


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                          Hope to see you here next week, Gene! Hope you are driving your M5!
                          Lew Schucart
                          Editor, Avanti Magazine


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                            'Planning to arrive Monday afternoon since I have to drop off the dog at the kennel as soon as they open Monday morning and then head over with silent Aero50(?) here on the forum. 'Still haven't decided what we are driving and what we are bringing....

                            The assurances made here are appreciated, as are the mods keeping this topic open no matter where the topic is located. The folks on the ground give us the Green Light, so tighten your battery hold-downs and hammer down! Cool Beans.

                            (BTW, all the discussion of Ferguson brings to mind an episode of Forensic Files recorded maybe 15-20 years ago, although I've honestly forgotten. It was an early cyber crime, IIRC, and they determined that the perpetrator was a computer-savvy geek operating from his mother's(?) home in Ferguson MO. They described the community as a clean, tidy, quiet, upscale middle-class suburb of St. Louis, panning across footage of tree-lined suburbia with large lots and well-manicured lawns in front of well-cared-for 50s and 60s ranch houses; the neighborhood where the geek's mother lived, and from where he was doing whatever nefarious things he was doing on the internet. Funny.) BP
                            We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

                            Ayn Rand:
                            "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality."

                            G. K. Chesterton: This triangle of truisms, of father, mother, and child, cannot be destroyed; it can only destroy those civilizations which disregard it.


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                              I asked the question originally not out of fear, but I didn't want any confusion. I personally got caught up in the LA riots after the Rodney King verdicts and I'm gonna tell you guys, It wasn't pretty! Hence the reason for my post. I assure that there was no other reason than to be confident that nobody else had concerns, after most of the replies from members associated with the area, I feel confident that the area concerned is far enough that I will not feel threatened--- my only concern. I will be there!