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    Reggie, try to find a small city with enough hotel rooms to lodge 800 to 1,200 people in one or two adjoining facilities, and with enough room to park 300 to 500 vehicles. and still keep hotel rooms under $100 a night. I doubt that you would find a host city with these qualifications. Even in South Bend, where SDC holds meets every 5 years, hotel room rates are over $100 a night, and more like $115-$120 a night.

    Most any large or mid-size city across America has crime-ridden areas where you do not want to be when the sun sets, and even in broad daylight for that matter.
    Traffic is bad in most of these cities too at certain times too. But in most any large or mid-size city, there are neighborhoods or areas with fine hotels, fine dining, and relatively safe for residents and visitors.

    Does Bois DArc, Missouri have hotel rooms for up to 1,200 guests? I doubt it. Is there room to park 500 vehicles, not counting farm fields? I doubt it. You are close to Springfield, Missouri, where the SDC has had meets in the past. Springfield is not free of crime, but most areas are relatively safe. But even in Springfield, you have to have the car show and swap meet at a farm fairgrounds that cost the SDC thousands of dollars to rent. Hotels were still in the $100 range, and none were large enough to hold the swap meet and car show at the same place where meetings and people were staying.
    Even in South Bend, the parts swap and show has to be held outside of town.

    The meet in the St. Louis suburb of Maryland Heights next month is offering hotel rates comparable to most other meet cities, and we can have the swap meet and car show at the same place. Once a member arrives, they have no reason to leave unless they want to go site seeing. Colorado Springs and Dover Delaware meets were the same, with everything in one place. Both were in large cities.
    Lew Schucart
    Editor, Avanti Magazine