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Why Not Let Public View For Sale Cars?

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  • Why Not Let Public View For Sale Cars?

    I posted some cars found and now for sale in both General Forum and For Sale. I thought they may be removed from general (which they were) but I wonder why. I thought the pictures were fun and of general interest to see "barn finds" and I also thought anyone on the internet could see them and maybe buy them. So now the cars can be seen only if someone signs in or "joins" the forum.

    I would think if we are trying to get new members and keep the name alive the entire forum should be able to be viewed by simply opening it. I understand the posting part and the need to try to identify who is posting....but viewing......perhaps you can help me understand this. Thanks. Jim

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    The SDC Board wants the Forum to augment Turning Wheels listings for members, not supplant them. The Forum is already a completely free resource for technical information; it's not too much to ask people to create a Forum account in order to access a bit of privileged information.



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