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  • Commander Member NOT

    How to I change my profile to read “Champion Member” instead of “Commander Member”?

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    Those names are based on how many posts you have made. I believe it starts at Champion, then goes to Commander, then a higher trim level. One of the higher ones is President.

    Contact the Administrator if you need to know the various names and the number of posts you have to make to get to each.
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      Ah, Thanks.


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        Most forums there are rules that determine your "gloss", which is the actual term for that designation. Some places it's assigned by a moderator. Over on BangShift my "gloss" is Expletive Deleted because I swear at the dumbasses so much.
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          I noticed someone who had a bit over 200 posts that was a Champion member. I guess you will get there if you stay on the forum. I am a Silver Hawk and I have never owned one. It is no big deal.
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            There's no number of posts high enough to become a "Dictator Member"

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