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Private Messaging Weirdness................

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  • showbizkid
    That kind of behavior usually points to your browser selectively blocking some items. If you have an ad blocker or a cookie blocker installed, be sure the Forum's address is whitelisted, then empty your browser cache and reload. I bet the PMs will appear

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  • r1lark
    started a topic Private Messaging Weirdness................

    Private Messaging Weirdness................

    So, a PM showed up on the Forum while I was looking via my phone. But the PM never showed up in my inbox when looking at the Forum from my laptop. But it's still in my Inbox when I look via my phone. Even signed out and back in on both, didn't help. Weird.

    And, when I responded to the PM via my phone, the PM thread with my response appears on my phone, but still not on my laptop. Crazy!

    I'm really not sending this to 'fix' anything Clark, but just wanted you to be aware of this 'abnormality'.