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Private Messaging (PM) Issues?

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  • Private Messaging (PM) Issues?

    Is anyone else having issues sending and/or receiving Private Messages (PMs)? I have had several people tell me that they have PM'd me but I have not received them.
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    I do not have "issues" with it as I do not use that function on this Forum.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

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      r1lark , I haven't had any issues with the PM system; however, there is an issue with the users of the PM system. (And I am being kind when I say this.)

      Every time someone gets a PM, they also get an e-mail that alerts them to having received a PM, assuming they haven't opted to turn that feature off in their User Control Panel.

      Each e-mail with PM info also has a big, bold, capital-letter warning that says "THIS IS AN AUTOMATIC MESSAGE SENT FROM AN UNATTENDED MAILBOX. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. REPLY USING THE PM SYSTEM ON THE FORUM."

      People reply to these e-mails anyway, and their reply goes into the bit-bucket never having reached its intended recipient.

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