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how to reduce photo size

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  • how to reduce photo size

    I wanted to post a picture on the forum but the size is too large, any suggestion how to reduce the file size to accommodate the forum requirements????

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    When you add a Pic you have a choice of Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large, or Fullsize, I always use Med. and usually it is clickable 2 times after posting for viewers to get a better Look. That may help you by not choosing Large or Fullsize.

    My '64 Daytona Pic is 3.30 MB, 3648 X 2048 and appears like this using "Medium" :

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0992.JPG Views:	0 Size:	145.8 KB ID:	1825996
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      Ill try again, thanks


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        I have used a free program called irfanview. As far as I know, it requires a computer. So I need to transfer from my phone to a computer, reduce the size, and then upload to the forum. I had planned on using the forum to share progress with my speedster build, but having to do this for each photo is way too cumbersome. Just lazy I guess. If any one knows an easier way, please share. I am using Samsung Note 10+.
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          I now take all photos using my cell phone, Samsung S6, and when sharing (sending) the photos there is an option to downsize the photos. I typical use the "resize image" option and then select the "small (10%)" which reduces the file size dramatically, some detail is lost, but it works fine for forum and other similar postings.
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            Regardless of picture size, sometimes it's file size is too big to post on this forum. I usually open the photo in "paint" (it's come free on every computor I've ever had, even this 12 year old laptop) and resize it to slightly less than the limited size maximum by pixels.


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              dpson,, thanks attached photo I was speaking of.......... Click image for larger version

Name:	RR & Stud from phone.jpg
Views:	192
Size:	195.8 KB
ID:	1826118