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Good grief!

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  • Good grief!

    What are our options???? I have admitted in previous postings that I am pretty ignorant of what goes on behind the scenes of how and what it takes to set up, maintain, and operate a forum. But this morning, before 6 o'clock eastern time, I have already encountered the "503" error message that the server was busy, unavailable, and I should try again later! What th' heck! If the server is so busy, at the wee hours before sun up...what's going to happen when the largest, most active portion of our membership wake up and log in???

    Next, when I did manage to bring up the forum, I found a topic that inspired me to comment. When I posted my DOUBLE POSTED SO...I went to the edit feature to delete one of the posts and it wouldn't give me the option to delete. Not even when I tried the advanced icon. Seems like I have seen one or two double postings from others lately too. I recall over a decade ago we were having such it's back. Recently, Clark has let us know he's aware of the problems and is working on it.

    Since the forum is provided by the SDC and is paid for by the SDC, what are our options? How many entities offer forum services? What are the mechanics? I don't even know where the hood latch is?
    John Clary
    Greer, SC

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    I wonder how our forum is hosted. If it is cloud based, it is possible that we have low priority and others are ahead of us. What is our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the hosting company?
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      Mark Wheeler and I are considering other hosting options. We will keep you all informed.

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