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Is it just me? Or is this forum crawling?

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  • Is it just me? Or is this forum crawling?

    Loading seems slow to me. Anyone else have the same experience?
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    Originally posted by Chris Pile View Post
    Loading seems slow to me. Anyone else have the same experience?
    It's been slow for a number of days. My other forums are normal and my internet speed is well over 100 Mbps so it's this forum.



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      Response is less that stellar with many 503 pages. Perhaps a DOS attack?
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        Yes, something has definitely changed. Each click takes three or four times as long to load.

        jack vines


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          Yep, just noticed! I thought it was the weather as it otherwise usually is.
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            No problem here. Loads, boom, boom, boom..... Well, except it took about 10 seconds to post this...



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              Mine has been slow too.
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                It seems to load ok, but is slow to quote and respond to something.
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                  We never had the Delay and the little Yellow Circle that says "WORKING" going on with the Old System, and of course it was always instantaneous not this slow.

                  But I figure we now have to live with Security Checks, Verification's etc. and for lack of a more correct term: Periodic "Server UPLOADS", so maybe we are better off now?

                  This should be on the Forum Q & A Forum though.
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                    My experience with the Forum response time is consistent. It's fairly slow ( gets the "working" icon) when you click on a link and minimum of 5-10 seconds to respond with anything. I think the server hardware isn't up to the load or they're on a cheap trunkline...... and when I hit the button to send this, got a spinning BMW type ball for 5-10 seconds. It wasn't my MAC beachball either..
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                      Yep, like watching paint dry here. Also times out quite often. Definitely something is broke here.


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                        Yesterday morning and this morning, I would click to either check the forum or to refresh for new posts and after a lengthy pause I would get an error message that the server was unavailable and try again later. Something is going on??? That is something new and I don’t recall it happening before. It is not a frequent occurrence but it is annoying. Just another thing that puts the (so called) “forum upgrade” performance in the disappointment category.
                        John Clary
                        Greer, SC

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                          I agree with the most others here. Too many long pauses, and sometimes to where it times out and gives an 'Error 503' page.

                          This latest Forum upgrade is still proving to be an annoying failure.



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                            Me, too. Responses take forever to load and sometimes time out and have to be resubmitted.
                            Skip Lackie


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                              Just pull the forum motor and stick in a SBC