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  • Latest forum quirk

    Recently I will post a new thread and then if I come back in a day or two there are no responses. No problem. But then I Notice I have a few new messages. So I go to check messages and when I click on one it goes to my thread where there were in fact responses that did not show up from the page itself.

    Not a big problem I guess, just another weird thing. Has anybody else experienced this?
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    Yes, it's been noted by me under the forum discussion page. It happens every day, particularly on threads I have contributed to. Not sure why, but the threads are not being updated with the latest posts.
    Skip Lackie


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      Yup, I've also had posts that others mention in a different post and I get a p.m. notice (the bell next to my sign in). Bill


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        This "new and improved" BB is just the opposite.

        Difficult, antiquated and unnecessarily complicated for folks like me to post simply and communicate with others made virtually unusable. I still have yet to post a photo...

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          I havn't had this problem on the east side of the Atlantic, & posting a picture also works for me:
          Click image for larger version  Name:	2,8.JPG Views:	0 Size:	60.8 KB ID:	1822425
          (I always use "Upload Attatchments".)
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            Same here. Recently, some of my posts never made it onto the page.

            jack vines



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              I believe Clark indicated earlier that, while posts and responses DO appear on the Forum, the actual "counter" only updates and loads at certain times.
              I don't know if this is the answer; but it's one.
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                I have noticed a couple of times that posts I made did not show up. I assumed I had forgotten to hit the post button before I left the page.
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