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  • Searching Member List

    In the old forum we could search the member list by screen name, real first name, last name, and even location or profession if the information had been offered.
    The new forum member search appears to be only by screen name. Is that the case? Or is there a prompt or tab I've missed?
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    Yes, I'm afraid this functionality is not currently available. I have filed a support request with the developers. There are other vBulletin users asking for it as well, but it is low on the priority list.

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      That was a useful feature. A general comment not especially aimed at our forum software in particular: Most "upgrades" turn out to be a step backward for those of us just using it as a tool to do something useful. They seem to be more aimed at impressing other computer nerds with their whiz-bang tricks and features. But for the rest of us, useful features are hidden with non-intuitive labels or go away entirely. Things that used to require one click now take 5 or 6 through a labyrinth of unnecessary layers.
      Skip Lackie