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So when can we go back to the old format?

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  • So when can we go back to the old format?

    Is this new format a permanent thing, or is it just a placeholder while the old one is being patched? Visually, it is very jarring. And when I logged in, my messages said there had been a reply to "my" post on a thread that I don't remember even having read. And the font used used here does not put enough space after the period at the end of s sentence. Makes things hard to read. I am very much disappointed with the changes.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands

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    I dunno,

    I didn't find it jarring and it's pretty much in line, format-wise, with all other contemporary forums I read and/or use.
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      gordr , the Subscription system is something that was less transparent in the old Forum, but it was there. For a long time, every time you replied to a post, you were "subscribed" to it, so you could see when someone else rang in on that topic. After many years, you might have built up quite a lot of them.

      I have just deleted ALL of your subscriptions. To keep from getting notified about any more, check out the pic below. Uncheck any items you do not wish to be informed of.

      Important: Do not uncheck "Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages" unless you don't want any emails when you get a PM!

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