Hi all,

Success! We're back online. Hope you're enjoying the new look and feel of the SDC Forum!

Of course, every new engine needs some tuning, and there are bound to be some things that will need sussing out. If you run across something that needs fixing or a function you can't figure out, please post here and I'll address it.

Fixed Problems:
  • Narrower Page Margins on Desktop Displays. Many users have wished the page margins were smaller. Wish granted - after quite a bit of searching for the proper settings
  • Text Strikethrough tool missing. Strikethrough function added; use button in editor toolbar.
  • Smilies not working. Issue fixed.
  • Latest Posts opens in new window. Issue fixed.
  • PMs not working. Issue fixed.
  • Mark Forums Read" command missing. Issue fixed; command re-added to toolbar. (You can also use the "Mark Channels Read" command at the bottom of the Forum homepage.)
  • Default text size. Some users complained about the size of post text. It's bigger now.
  • Login problems. All site pages now redirect to the https:// secure web address. This should fix all login problems and browser security warning issues.
  • Post box now shows user's location. By popular request, user location is back in the post info box. Also a link to send a PM directly from the sidebar. Enjoy!
  • User Post box tidied.Online status lamp moved adjacent to username, Twitter link removed, etc.
  • Slow Server Speed. Upgrade file cruft and leftover Marmite removed from server; all is well.
  • NEW. Background too bright / text looks gray / hyperlinks not dark enough. Styles have been adjusted to darken text and links, and darken background. Hopefully this will help folks who have found the white background too bright.
Known Solutions:
  • Jump To First Unread Post. When browsing the Forums or the "Latest Posts" list, click the blue circle with down-arrow next to the post title to jump to the first post in the thread that you haven't read.
  • Viewing all posted photos. You go to your Profile and click the new Media tab and want to look at ALL your posted photos. But the message "No Pictures Found" is displayed. To fix this, click the "Filter" dropdown in the top right corner of the display window and choose "Any Time". This will show you a pic of all photos uploaded to the Forum.
  • Avatars are not always square. The Forum software does not automatically crop your uploaded avatars. If you'd like a square avatar, please crop your photo to a square and then upload it using the tools in your Profile Settings.
  • Unable to edit birth date in Profile. Legacy users who joined before 2005 may have blank birth dates in their profiles. Users cannot fix this themselves. Please PM me and I will help you fix this.
Wish List:
  • Previous / Next thread nav links. Looking for a solution.

Enjoy, and I'll be checking in.