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  • SDC Forum Advertising Policy

    The following policy, having been established and approved by the Studebaker Drivers Club Board of Directors, was placed in effect on 24 February, 2006 and amended by the President and Vice President on 1 September 2018:

    • Studebaker vehicles or parts may be posted in the "Sale / Want / Found Cars" Forum of our SDC website with the following limitations:

    1. A single posting may contain no more than 5 vehicles or items for sale.
    2. Only one (1) posting per week will be accepted listing vehicles or items for sale from each participant.
    3. Posts will expire after 28 days and will be deleted from the Forum upon expiration.
    4. Advertisers who have had their Turning Wheels advertising privileges revoked and not reinstated are not permitted to list vehicles or parts for sale on the SDC Forum.
    5. Complaints regarding Forum advertisers will be directed to the Turning Wheels Complaints Arbiter, and the same standards will apply to forum advertisers as Turning Wheels advertisers. These standards are printed in Turning Wheels each month and are also available online here.

    Posts in the Sale / Want / Found Cars board will expire after 30 days.

    The SDC Forum has no affiliation with or any other online Forum or marketplace wherein Studebaker parts, used or new, are offered for sale.
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