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LOIS the Lark - The start of a love story (restoration)

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So Lois is about to get parked up and the resto started. I have been wanting to start for the past few mth’s but have been waiting for the production order to arrive. It did today so now I know a lot more about her. She is matching numbers. Yay

Shipping Via TA Walker D&M mixing rule.
Destination SAN Diego, California.

So the details:-
  • Final build 10th December 1958.
  • 59V K6 Reg 8 Cyl 2 Door Hardtop.
  • P5911 White Sand.
  • 759A RDV 5 was (Red Vinyl Interior I think).
  • Flight O Matic.
  • Reclining Front Seat.
  • White Sidewalls.
  • Oil Filter.
  • Wet Air Cleaner.
  • Undercoating. (Not sure what this means).
  • AC-2958 Clima (Not sure what this means).
  • AC-2953 Cigar (Cigarette Lighter).
  • XAC-2937 Wheel (Wheel covers installed by dealer I believe) I have on the car.
  • AC-2951 Back (Not sure what this means).
  • AC-2941F Bump (Front Bumper).
  • AC-2941R Bump (Rear Bumper).
  • AC-2906 Radio (AM Radio).
  • XAC-2688 Anten (Not sure as we have an Antenna).

I will keep updating this post with in progress photo’s and words detailing the journey. Watch, comment, lurk, I do not mind, Post suggestions, idea’s or just support.

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