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01-01-2008, 08:17 PM
I have just listed a few more items on eBay. Of course...it's stuff EVERYONE just has to have! "really!!!"


59-61 Hawk ashtray inserts: newly Cad-Plated
63-66 Lark-Type dash mounted ashtray: new Cad-Plated
Stude V8 Motor Mount Brackets : Zinc-Plated for your Custom/Modified
1956-66 inside door handle controls- new Cad-Plate
1959-66 Hood Latch Pin Assembly: new Cad-Plate
Hawk Heater/Defroster Hose Routing Clamps: zinc-plated

I have also put up the 1949-64 Pickup Tailgate Letters that have been discussed here, the Studebaker Truck-Talk Forum, and alt.autos.studebaker

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