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07-31-2016, 07:57 AM
I posted this 3 ½ years ago

“I’m trying to get a 1950 Champion. But may not be able to unless one of the owners dies. In 1965 a friend of mine drove it from his friend's house to the friend's daughters' house when he became ill. He never recovered, so the car has been sitting since 1965 in a carport. Less than 10,000 km on it with the original tires. But the two sisters hate each other and if one decides to sell, the other says no just to spite her sister. Time will tell if I can find a way to get it.”

Now to update:

Since my friends know I like Studebakers, they tell me what is going on and what they find. That is how I found the 1950 that I mentioned in the other post looking for parts sources. Yet to be negotiated.

But I can also update the first post I made here (above). One of the sisters died, so the car is available. But it turns out that it is a 52. I did not go to see it, as she is asking $30,000 for the car. She is a little on the crazy side, and tells people that Studebaker has offered her a new car for it (as if the company still existed and had one to trade).

A little more of the rest of the story. Back in the fifties, there were no paved roads here. they paved around the plaza in the late 60's, and paved the road to the city from La Paz sometime in the 80's. From the Port in Chile to La Paz in this century. Anyway, the original owner received the car, and set out to drive around town between the ox carts, horses, and donkeys. He was getting stuck in ruts, and decided it was bad for the car and he would garage it until there were paved roads. Then he took sick, and the rest of the story, as I reported earlier, took place. The car has 2109 actual kilometers on it (1,310 miles). That is not much more than the distance from the port through the dealer in La Paz.

The car will probably sit until this owner dies and then the estate will sell it for whatever it can get.

t walgamuth
07-31-2016, 10:48 AM
I'd suggest if you want the car to develop a relationship with the lady. Send her notes, talk to her on a regular basis and try to educate her on the true value of the car. The idea that someone will take it and make it nice and use it often will eventually motivate folks to sell. Her dad would want the car used is a good angle too.

07-31-2016, 12:33 PM
"She is a little on the crazy side, and tells people that Studebaker has offered her a new car for it (as if the company still existed and had one to trade)."

Heh... Could it be that the company is now located in Nigeria???

07-31-2016, 12:46 PM
Good luck on getting the car Richard. I have followed your various restorations on the AACA forum, and would love to see you do a Studebaker! :)

07-31-2016, 01:36 PM
We will see. I have friends who are close to the family, much more than I could get, so if she becomes reasonable they will let me know.

Still working on this one

Here is my latest finished project
with a page of before and afters here


t walgamuth
07-31-2016, 03:13 PM
I like your Mini pickup!;)