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06-19-2016, 03:25 PM
My wife and I just got back from the "Famous 50s" car show in the Catskill Mountains of NY. It was at the Villa Roma resort in Callicoon , NY this year.
It was a beautiful 120 mile ride for us, down NY route 30 through the Schoharie valley and start of the Delaware river valley.
It's more than a car show, it's a weekend getaway with shows at night and activities during the day. My wife likes this show, it's a mini vacation for her.

06-19-2016, 03:34 PM
After the indoor show with the oldies band we went outside to watch the flamethrowers put on their show. I took a picture of the heat shield and blanket they put on the back of their cars. Don't think I want to do this with my Stude, but it's fun to watch them.

06-19-2016, 03:48 PM
Another beautiful ride on the way home. Had to get a pic. of that round barn.
This was a good test for the car, I will be driving it to Warwick in a couple of weeks. It was near 90 degrees today, quite hot for upstate NY. That's a picture of the temp and oil gauges at 55 mph after 2 hours of driving in the heat. I think I'll be OK. I did get hot feet, think I'll add Dynomat or something of the sort. I spotted the 53 or 54 C body on the way home, about 8 miles from my house. If anyone's interested I'll check it out.

Captain Billy
06-20-2016, 05:48 AM
Hey Dwight,
I've drivin' that route, great road wonderful scenery.
If you could check out the c for me that would be terrific.


06-20-2016, 08:23 AM
That '53/'54's body looks to be in pretty good shape.... loved the scenic photos, which reminded me of where I grew up, though name of the road, MT Misery Road, has a sad tale to it. When younger, the only desire was to escape from what seemed to be monotony; today with many a different view of life! Thanks for posting your photos :)

06-20-2016, 01:22 PM
If that's the car in Minaville its just a rolling shell and based on what I heard he wanted exorbitant money for it.

06-20-2016, 02:41 PM
That's the one in Minaville. It had "for sale" on the windshield, but it was parked at the back of his lot, behind another vehicle, barely visible from the road. Made me think he wasn't trying very hard to sell it.