View Full Version : Avanti #1001 progress?

06-08-2016, 05:34 PM
Last I knew Avanti 1001 had gone to Bellingham to have the engine installed. Haven't heard any progress report lately. What's the latest?

06-08-2016, 06:45 PM
Are you coming UP to help? Lol! :D

Hint, hint.

06-08-2016, 08:47 PM
Not likely but I did donate to the cause.

06-08-2016, 09:37 PM
That's interesting Don, I've been thinking of the same car lately. I have not heard anything for about two years.


Bellingham Studenut
06-08-2016, 09:52 PM
Hi Don,

We had a Work Party last month to install new leaf springs and the rear end.
The Avanti had terrible worn out springs and like everything else on this car even both axles were bent from hard usage.
A temporary rear end was placed in the car to get the body and frame done, so we removed it and placed the original back in.
After installing, we had a pizza party and fired up the engine on the test stand, so everyone could hear it roar!
The driveline wasn't in good shape, so Bellingham Driveline Services is making a new one this week.
Thanks to you and everyone who are bringing this car back to life.
We are scheduling another work party this month and July if anyone is interested in joining us.

James Bell

06-08-2016, 11:38 PM
Thanks for the update and photos, glad to see it is progressing. Kudos to those doing the work. What a special experience to work on #1!

Warren Webb
06-09-2016, 02:54 AM
Looks so much better now than that ugly green it was !!

06-09-2016, 06:39 AM
So the first two Avanti's to roll out of Studebaker were both white? Interesting. Now number 1002 had an orange interior - number one?

06-09-2016, 12:36 PM
This one also has the Tangerine Vinyl Interior but it is the "Deluxe" Interior not the "Regal" with the Pleated Door Panels and Seat Inserts. This is also the R2 4 Speed Car.

The 1001 Avanti was built with plain door panels and perforated Tangerine Vinyl Seat Inserts, that is the material James said was the hardest to obtain.

06-09-2016, 06:53 PM
well I hope its not that hard or at least there is enough for my car. I'm going to have southeast Studebaker redo my tangerine interior as well, I was supposed to send my panels to him last fall. Just didn't do it. He said he has the correct stuff. I will see I guess.
I don't know how many white with orange interior r2 4 speed 63's were made. I've only seen auto's. This makes 3 including mine. I always liked this combination, very cool to see #1 and #2 Avanti's restored.

06-09-2016, 07:20 PM
WAY TO GO JIMBO!!.....Love the detail on the rear brakes! :!:

06-09-2016, 08:04 PM
That's great! Nice to see the progress.

06-10-2016, 12:08 AM
WAY TO GO JIMBO!!.....Love the detail on the rear brakes! :!:

The Rear Axle was rebuilt and refinished by my youngest Son Mike using New Parts as needed from Studebakers Northwest, we removed his temporary Model 44 Axle and installed the Original reconditioned TT, Traction Bar one.

55194 55199Here is the Engine James lovingly restored, and she DOES sound Great!

55195 James and Brian Curtis our Turning Wheels "Custom and Modified Studebakers" Columnist, also from the Pacific Northwest, built this really Neat Engine Test Cart to run the Engine.
55196 55197 Here are the Americas Car Museum (Lemay) Museum Restoration Team Members arriving and leaving the Bell Museum. They were on their way to pick up a BMW for the upcoming BMW Exhibit.