View Full Version : People collect the strangest stuff! Studebaker meter stamps.

Studebaker Wheel
10-19-2015, 07:08 PM
A meter stamp or meter mark is the impression made by a postage meter machine that indicates that postage has been paid on a letter or parcel. They are widely used by businesses as they are faster and more efficient than using stamps. Generally they are not adhesive postage stamps although they may be printed on adhesive labels before being affixed to mail. Meter stamps are normally red although other colors are sometimes used.

They can serve to personalize an envelope and offer a “little” advertising. I have a number of these used by Studebaker for various years the most appealing being those with a car picture or a specific new feature like those shown below. With a little patience they can be enhanced in Photoshop (or other photo editing programs) and used to create your own stationery. While few people use the U.S. mail these days I have used them occasionally when responding to inquiries from people w/o computers.

Does anyone else have other years to share?


Cowtown Commander
10-19-2015, 08:59 PM
Where is the Zip Van One Richard? I think you need to use your computer skills to make one that should have been.