View Full Version : Bottom of the 9th, two strikes....NEED AN ENGINE

05-29-2015, 06:30 PM
I bought a 50 farm truck, short story, bad engine, and second engine also bad....need to get this running in short order or sell it...Zoning issues aren't helping...

It was a 246...either I need a RUNNING one, or even a V-8 complete and running so I can move this truck...or sell it...

I'm in Northwest Indiana....need help

dean pearson
05-30-2015, 01:20 PM
Sorry for your troubles but just a word of advice.
Don't go with anything other than the same engine you have in an effort to keep the frustration levels down.

Just sayin.


05-31-2015, 03:46 AM
Here's your 1950 245 engine plus a bunch of spare parts for $350.


05-31-2015, 07:06 AM
Hope none of those bullets hit the engine block.
Ask if motor can be turned over by hand, if so buy it, remove what's needed.
Then send it to crusher and get your money back and put the poor thing out of its misery.

05-31-2015, 07:07 AM
Sounds like the best thing for you is to go ahead and sell it. It may work out better for someone else. Dan

05-31-2015, 07:25 AM
Maybe someone in the Northwest Indiana can store it for you so you can do it right and find the correct engine and keep the zoning Gestapo away.
I may have a rebuildable 245 but am physically not able to deal with it right now.
We have talked before and I know I have a 226 with a T9 in a M16 I am stripping but is on the back burner now that I have these health issues.
Robert Kapteyn
Joliet Illinois

05-31-2015, 07:33 AM

05-31-2015, 08:02 AM
Check to make sure that the block is really cracked.
It is unusual for these blocks to crack unless it had water in it and froze.
The machine shop may not be able or willing to deal with this oddball (non chebby) engine and tell you that the block is cracked and come and get it.
That happened to one of my customers and he brought it to an old fashioned shop had it cleaned and magna fluxed and there was nothing wrong with the block.

Robert Kapteyn

05-31-2015, 10:44 AM
There's a good (possibly rebuilt a few years ago) one here in Tallahassee, FL that we pulled from a '49 Commander. But, it's in Tallahassee, FL..

06-01-2015, 11:47 AM
Bullet holes in a bullet nose.. Oh, the irony..


06-01-2015, 10:57 PM
Well, made it back to South Bend with the engine, Jim and his neighbor are helping me out, going to try some oversized valve seats....might be the break I needed.