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03-31-2015, 08:48 AM
I was perusing the Albuquerque Craigslist and saw a listing for a 62 Lark with a sunroof option. Was this actually a factory option or is the seller mistaken? By the way the car looks pretty rough. Just curious.

Bill Pressler
03-31-2015, 08:57 AM
The "Skytop" sunroof was available on 1961-63 Lark and Cruiser four-door sedans, two-door sedans, and two-door hardtops, although I believe most ended up in two-door hardtops.


03-31-2015, 08:58 AM
Thanks, Bill.

Bill Pressler
03-31-2015, 09:19 AM
No problem. I owned a white '63 with Skytop.

They are quite rare on any body style Lark or Cruiser.

03-31-2015, 07:41 PM
I have owned two Skytops. They were both fully equipped red hardtops (1961 & 1963).

03-31-2015, 08:27 PM
Some good reading....


03-31-2015, 08:31 PM
I have owned two Skytops. They were both fully equipped red hardtops (1961 & 1963).
I have owned one Skytop, the least equipped 1963 Daytona hardtop I ever saw- six cylinder, three-speed (no overdrive), radio delete, small hubcaps, blackwall tires. Only options were the Skytop and the Climatizer. Chuck Naugle bought it from me at York, loaded it on his truck and hauled it off to Arizona to harvest the Skytop, the two NOS front fenders and maybe the engine which was in great shape.

04-01-2015, 10:54 PM
It is a 62 Daytona Skytop.



Frame looks to be all there..

04-09-2015, 08:44 PM
Looks like a lot of work, but body may be pretty rust free if the car was always in New Mexico...
The Ad is still up, says posted 10 days ago.
Someone please save this skytop.