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06-27-2014, 07:10 PM
am having new seats installed in my 55 regal champ coupe and want a studebaker medallion/symbol in upper part of upholstery. having difficulty finding a place to purchase. would like suggestions. thanks

06-27-2014, 07:37 PM
I believe on most Custom Cars with those trims, they were hand or otherwise made by the Upholstery Shop making the Seat Covers. Hawks, Larks, lazy "S" 's etc.

It is very unlikely that anyone makes these and sells them, for one reason they are usually "One-off", made to customer order of the Interior design and Colors.

06-27-2014, 09:23 PM
Yeah; I don't think you are going to find them "pre-made". You can get a set of covers from one of our great vendors and have your local shop insert a "Lazy S". I suspect René Harger would probably be able to ship a fine set already inserted in your specified color.