View Full Version : Studebaker paint colors and original Studebaker Corp. paint chip charts

Studebaker Wheel
01-16-2014, 12:15 AM
I have noted numerous threads on this site about paint colors and combinations etc. Many people rely on paint company sheets which seem to be very plentiful and inexpensive on Ebay. These however often leave much to be desired. They are often incomplete or inaccurate and the chips are fairly small. In addition they do not show actual samples of the two-tone combinations. Studebaker would send out new paint color information in the form of letters and as noted below actual chips at the beginning of each model year and these were often updated when new colors were introduced usually in the spring. In an effort to cull my collection of duplicate material I have recently taken on the paint color charts and post here those from the 10 year period 1948-1957. I have also posted all of these on Ebay so if you have a desire to own one for your vehicle you can find them here:

31403 31404 31405 3140631407 31408 31409 3141031411 31412