View Full Version : looking for a manual

01-09-2014, 01:00 AM
he any one know of a 1962 champ 7e7 owners manual? id like to have one and i cant get ahold of chris dresbach to see what he can find at si

01-09-2014, 01:44 AM
I am pretty sure that if 7E Owners Manuals were in stock they would be in the Catalog, the 6E is $30.00 and the only Champ one left.
Other than the Model number, not much would differ except the fender mouldings if they even showed that. Both still had through the floor Pedals.

01-09-2014, 02:37 AM
Try: faxonautolit.com for an original. Store located in Riverside CA and is open 6 days a week.

I know that Faxon reprints manuals/parts catalogs for GM & Ford repro parts sellers, but dunno if he does any for Studebaker parts sellers.

01-09-2014, 07:03 AM
I'll check with my buddy Patrick(aka 62 champ) who just picked up an owner's manual for his '62 Champ. He may PM you. I found an owner's manual for my '64 8E at the Macungie,PA show of all places. I'm looking for the accessory manual next! Rob in PA.

01-09-2014, 07:35 AM
...I may have a good used one and a promo Champ piece showing options. It's a multifolded piece in good shape....