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11-26-2013, 10:03 PM
Hi, I just bought a '51 2R6 pickup. According to the tag to the right of the serial number tag, below the seat on driver's side: the codes are T-6036 & P-2204. Can anyone give me the factory names for these colors? Thanks in advance! I want to repaint the truck the original colors. Rindy

11-27-2013, 08:04 AM
P 2204 is the code stating The combination of Iroquois Blue for the body and Cherokee Red wheels with Tusk Ivory grille strips. The Iroquois Blue itself was code N-0453, also listed as codes W-TR and 8179. It is NOT the same as 1953 Harbor Green.
This is from memory so current formula/manufactures I'd have to look up.
Maybe Skip Lackie will chime in as well.
Also check out Studebaker Truck Talk Forum (google) many of us hang out there for truck specific info too.

Nice combination, then again, owning one myself makes me a bit biased.

Skip Lackie
11-27-2013, 09:18 AM
For 4961Stude: Thanks for your confidence in me, but on this one I will defer to Gary Ash's site:

For Rindy: Some of these colors are no longer available in exactly their original color and formulations. Any good auto paint store can match your paint in a modern formulation from either a paint chip (often available on ebay) or a sample of your original paint from an un-faded spot.