View Full Version : 2 1956 Golden Hawks for $4000

Bryan Moran
11-22-2013, 10:07 AM

1956 Golden Hawk Studebaker, 80%, not running, no title, 2 door sports car, v-8, 1956 Golden Hawk Studebaker, 65%, not running, no title, 2 door sports car, v-8, both cars $4000. call 417-399-6383 pictures to follow 1200 n e hwy 13

E. Davis
11-22-2013, 03:38 PM
Like to have the wheel covers off the red one.....rest of it looks pretty tough but then again maybe a little wax and a good buff. yuk-yuk.

11-22-2013, 05:42 PM
A very sad sight.

11-22-2013, 07:02 PM
The orange and white one looks good and solid up under the fin where they normally rust....Nice set of 'Speedster' wire wheel covers on it too!

11-22-2013, 07:24 PM
The MOST important thing to know of course, is not mentioned; T-85 Stick Overdrive or Twin Ultramush?

11-22-2013, 07:42 PM
The MOST important thing to know of course, is not mentioned; T-85 Stick Overdrive or Twin Ultramush?

This ad has run before...and I believe it was mentioned that one of them IS a Stick O/D!

I'd be interested in buying these if they were not so darn far away.

11-23-2013, 07:54 AM
Not for Wisconsin. You'll never get a title!

11-23-2013, 09:23 AM
These were sold earlier this summer at an estate sale fo a SDC member. I inquired of the auctioneer ahead of time about the titles as I was tempted to purchase the red/white for the wheel covers. The widow claimed she had them. Something else came up at the last minute and I didn't attend but got a report that they both sold at $700 or less each and no titles. I know it's the current owners choice, but that seems like one heck of a mark-up without a title which Missouri would require to put back on the road. Pretty expensive parts cars as they are listed.

Bryan Moran
11-27-2013, 09:13 AM
snowy_buffalo, that's why I post these when I see them, because someone in the Stude world is bound to know more about them. I am not Studebaker expert by any means, but when I see "Golden Hawk" I believe I know these are among the most collectible of post war Studebakers, and coveted.

It goes to show though how the restoration aspect of the hobby has fallen off to a trickle of these cars (rough, desirable but a challenge) being picked up by avid collectors and dug into.

The $4000 asking price isn't too out of whack. If the purchase was made at $1400 for both cars, per your comment of $700 each, and one adds in buyers premium costs and transport to get them to a new place, then we can believe perhaps the present owner has $1700 or so in them.

He is probably looking to double his cost so he is looking (again, my speculation) for about $3500 so he prices them at $4000 for wiggle room.

I have seen the 56-58ish Golden Hawks in worse condition go for about that or more on ebay. It is interesting to note that these were owned by a SDC member. I bid on line this early fall on a 1950 Hudson Commodore 8 and won, for a seller in Minnesota. Ended up giving the car away, but there again he had a nice post war stash of independent project cars including some decent 60's Studebakers.

The widow used Vandebrinks to clear the stash out. This widow or estate, same deal. I always figured if I was tight in a club, like SDC or whatever, that upon passing some of the cars would go to local club friends, not free, but by some arrangement. I have been offered cars in this way and if I can't pay the widow a fair price, I end up finding the car a home at a fair price, kind of a win win.

But it seems that when these old car guys pass away the widows just want the cars gone. Seen it time and time again.

$700 per car is about $350 over scrap price. That puts it into perspective to me. My Hudson Commodore 8, which was an emotional impulse buy, went for $550 all in.

I know restoration costs are out of control and space and such is precious but I would think at these give away prices some SDC geek would buy them for $1400 and be ahead of the game. Restoration costs would probably still exceed vehicle price, but 99% do, unless one is doing a super rare job.

So, please re-inform me and let me know, are these Golden Hawks holy grail post war cars or are they just another Studebaker? What's production on the cars?

Bryan Moran
11-27-2013, 09:16 AM
I normally don't appreciate seeing these cars pop up after a cheap auction purchase for what appears to be only profit motive, but some of that has to do with how much is being asked. This buyer and flipper has saved these cars. They could have been crushed or parted by now, parting less of a sin. In many cases, rare cars, or just cool cars, are being crushed and we never know about it.

Bryan Moran
11-27-2013, 09:20 AM
Titles can be had. The Bonded title route, so having some documentation of how you acquired the car, then going through a lengthy process, will get you a title. In Iowa, it requires a state trooper inspection, more paperwork, pay for a Bond, then after a few years you get a free and clear title. Since the car is probably not going anywhere, a bonded title is as good as a title, and can be transferred if need be.

As for the Speedster hubcaps, this seller might part with them for $500, if you tell him they aren't original to the car. Cash talks, and these cars are probably only going to an SDC member or Studebaker fan.