View Full Version : Deep-N-Hock Follies (September, 2013)

09-23-2013, 08:26 AM
Have been 'on the road' for almost all of August and September (it's an employment thing...)
But, made it home for an entire weekend.
Set Saturday as an intake manifold day, and Sunday as a Stude car/truck play day.

Have been kicking around about a solution to routing all the hoses and cables and wires underneath the car.
Even went as far as to buy some nice billet aluminum separators from the NASCAR boys up in Mooresville..
But those aluminum pieces were to spread apart for me to cram my 10 pounds of hoses into a 5 pound bag.

So...What to do? Took the CASO way out.
Looked around the shop and eyed a piece of 2"x2" steel tubing. Nice light wall stuff.
Out comes the notepad. Whip up an idea. Measure the hoses.
Decide on a hose spread, and start cutting to length.
Did a diagonal cut on each one to give me a wedge three sided bracket.


Started drilling....


Didn't stop drilling for a while....


Drilled even more holes to mount the Jim McCuan supplied Delrin blocks of phenolic anti chafing material.


Drilled even more holes in them, and then took them all apart for welding...

Welded the brackets into place....


Painted them, re-installed the phenolic blocks, and then slid all the hoses into place....


Still have a lot of hookup work to do, but the tangled mass has been straightened out....

Commander Eddie
09-23-2013, 08:43 AM
Nice work! That is about as neat an installation as I have seen in a long time. Well thought out and executed. Bravo. :!:

09-23-2013, 09:49 AM
Nice solution, I notice that building for racing doesn't appear to leave a lot of Stude under the car.

That work thing does have a habit of getting in the way, IIRC. :)


09-23-2013, 10:07 AM
Workin' on that....
I have been putting a lot of Stude stuff back into this project....
Engine, dash, trunk, tail lights....
But, it is all steel...except for the front bumper and hood scoop...

Nice solution, I notice that building for racing doesn't appear to leave a lot of Stude under the car.

09-23-2013, 10:27 AM
Top notch work Jeff. You better be careful,........some NASCAR shop foreman will see your top quality work and the next thing you know, one of them will be knocking at your door wanting to hire you! ! ! ! Keep up the good work.

Dan Miller
Auburn, GA