View Full Version : Avoid this supplier: AutoPartsWarehouse.com.

12-10-2012, 09:12 PM
Don't deal with AutoPartsWarehouse.com ! ! !
This outfit, located in Carson, California, has 24 BAD reviews on Yelp! I could have had the Gabriel 82087 standard front shocks for my '57 President today (Monday) if I had ordered them Saturday from my local (CA) Auto Zone store, and for $14.00 less. AutoPartsWarehouse has a physical location in Carson, but they will not let you pick up items from their location and only will ship direct. This means they probably do not have the items in stock. I wasted 4 calls and 3 on-line chats, probably about an hour's worth of time before cancelling my order, which was never charged to my credit card or shipped. My only answer from their representatives, was that "the order is processing." Don't waste your time with them! I can pick up the shocks Wednesday at Auto Zone from a phone order for $43.20 a pair, including tax.