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Studebaker Wheel
07-24-2012, 02:26 AM

I have a friend locally who has purchased the remaining stock of about a dozen gas pump display cases. These are exceptionally nice. Bob ask me to post the photos on the forum since he will be bringing a few to the Intl meet next week and could bring a few additional if there is enough interest. Here is the description he ask me to post:

Wayne Model 60 1:2 Scale replica pump from 1937. Pump is 46 1/2" tall with globe, 14" wide, 8" depth. Weight 40lbs, solid construction. Has 3 tempered glass shelves, locking glass door with 2 keys, replica dial readout one side. Great for displaying model cars/trucks or other memorabilia. Shown with Studebaker Red Ball logo - other Studebaker logos available. Special note: Globe allows natural light to shine through and some pumps have LED light with on/off switch. Can deliver to South Bend Int'l meet July 29- August 3, 2012 where I will be set up as vendor. Special price for this show - $300 - cash or check accepted. This is a bargain for quality display case gas pump - normal selling price with shipping - approximately $465.00. For more photos or information call 815-727-1482 ask for Bob or email ros.sss1@comcast.net

07-24-2012, 01:46 PM
They look real nice...will be checking them out at the meet !