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07-23-2012, 03:14 AM
I have just bought this 1925/26 big six roadster here in the Uk and I am trying to find out some history and information. I am told it is was originally a duplex roadster but the top was removed many years ago. There are two holes, one each side, in the panel behind the doors, these holes have been welded up, I don't think that they are holes for a top frame as they seem too far back, any ideas on what they were for?

The car was imported in 1989 from Portland Oregon where it had been used on an air base pulling planes around I am told it was there during the war. The guy who exported it was Mark Hoegland? not sure on spelling.
The chassis plate is currently missing although the guy I bought it from thinks he has it somewhere in an envelope, so fingers crossed. The engine number is EP 32404 and there is a tag on the firewall with 235 stamped into it, what does this stand for?
The car comes with a soft top roadster top frame so I may use this to make it into a convertible roadster, but are the bodies, except for the top and windshield, the same? What are the differences if there are any?
Mechanically the car has four wheel assisted brakes although originally was 2 wheel brakes and on wood wheels.
Any information would be greatly received.

Wayne Smith - Bristol England

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07-23-2012, 07:24 AM

I can't answer your questions with any authority, but I can compliment you: what a sweet rig! That will be one great car restored and a ball to drive. If you're not an Antique Studebaker Club member yet, I encourage you to join. It's a fine club, many friendly, enthusiastic folks, THE source for parts (spares), advice and help. Richard Quinn will weigh in to give you the accurate answers to your questions.

Good luck with your restoration of a very worthwhile Studebaker!


10-06-2013, 09:20 PM
Hi Wayne, I just bought a 1925 Duplex Roadster as well. Taking delivery later this week. Mine is in very rough shape. The hard top is loose but was not modified the way yours was. I am hoping we can share some info. the wood in mine is nearly all gone. Drivers door is missing. No grill, radiator nor drivetrain. Very little of the interior either and the rumble seat is missing. Drivers fender is missing as well. contacted the Studebaker museum to see if they have any engineering drawings for the woodwork etc. They told me they have nothing prior to 1927 and no info on the Duplex cars. I also plan join the Antique Studebaker Club. Good luck with your restoration

An interesting piece of history that I learned is that this Duplex Roadster was used to ferry airmen to a wartime airport in Alberta, Canada. I will try to find out more but it is interesting that both our cars were used in aviation in the day.


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10-07-2013, 02:10 AM
Peter looks like you have a long term project!! The body on yours looks like it is a ER Standard six, not a big six like the one I have. I have just bought a 1926 ER standard six roadster and the body swage is the same as on yours. I have attached some pics below. As yet I have not seen the car in the flesh as I am in the UK and have just bought it from California, it is currently waiting to be shipped.

The front fenders stacked up on your car look to be later, if they are Studebaker I would suggest that they are 1928 - 30 as the ones on both of my cars have a step on the crown of the fender, where as they look more like what is on my 1928 dictator and my 1930 Commander.

If I can be any help with photo's or information let me know. My direct email is waynesmith78 at hotmail.com


10-07-2013, 01:46 PM
Hello Wayne, Yes, I agree mine looks more like the ER standard now you have pointed it out. I think the fenders may not be year correct. They may be from another car. I will know more later when I ask the seller again. There is so little left of mine I am worried it might be impossible to find the parts needed. What I do with the car depends a lot on if I can figure out the wood patterns or not. I will appreciate any photos of interior and the wood if possible. I will send you an email off line

Thank you

10-07-2013, 01:52 PM
Our friends from Australia have a little experience with one of those. I think they just made it a railway hack from scratch. Nice find.