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07-13-2012, 12:28 PM
Anyone use AC Pro to recharge their air conditioner? How well did it work?

Warren Webb
07-14-2012, 11:18 AM
I used it on my wife's (new to her) 96 Mazda Miata. The prior owner had the a/c serviced less than a week before we bought it. Less than a week later the a/c didnt blow cold. I took it back to the shop that had serviced it & was told they would have to do a leak test on it ($60.00) so I wasnt pleased with their response. I then got a bottle of the A/C PRO & installed it. Still blows cold today. The little that was left over was enough to top off the system in my Saturn too.

California now has a $10.00 deposit on freon or leak seal for a/c, so if your near the border of AZ or OR you can get the same stuff & keep it instead of paying a deposit that is only refundable within 60 days.